I was on a commercial flight yesterday, heading back from a visit to Atlanta, when the captain announced that the plane was transporting the body of a slain serviceman. I was sitting at the back of the plane, so when we finally arrived at LaGuardia, I had to wait several minutes for my turn to exit. When I finally stood up from my seat, the scene was surreal. The entire left side of the plane was empty. But everyone on the right side of the plane was still in their seats— faces pressed against the window. I walked past thirty rows of seats before I finally found an open window, and could see what everyone was looking at. The soldier’s name was Ibraham Torres.

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Value of Life

I find it easier to value my own life while knowing some’s actively trying to take it.

Women who serve in the military risk their lives every day fighting for our freedoms, now it’s time they enjoy the same freedoms in return.

Under current policy, if a woman in the military is raped and wants a safe and legal abortion, she must pay for it on her own dime - without insurance coverage. Government-sponsored health insurance covers abortion services for federal employees and Medicaid recipients when pregnancy results from rape, but military women are denied this same coverage.

It’s a discriminatory policy - and completely unfair to these brave women who give up a great deal to protect our rights. Now it’s time we protect their rights.

Senator Jeanne Shaheen introduced and successfully passed out of committee an amendment that has received broad bipartisan support, as well as support from military leaders in the Department of Defense. Her measure would provide coverage for abortion in cases of rape or incest. Now is the time to act! Contact your member of Congress and urge them to keep this critical protection for military women.

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